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jscpd - copy/paste detector


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Copy/paste detector for programming source code, supports 150+ formats.

Copy/paste is a common technical debt on a lot of projects. The jscpd gives the ability to find duplicated blocks implemented on more than 150 programming languages and digital formats of documents. The jscpd tool implements Rabin-Karp algorithm for searching duplications.

jscpd screenshot

Packages of jscpd

name version description
jscpd npm cli tool for detect duplications
@jscpd/core npm core detection algorithm, can be used for detect duplication in different environments, one dependency to eventemmiter3
@jscpd/finder npm detector of duplication in files
@jscpd/tokenizer npm tool for tokenize programming source code
@jscpd/leveldb-store npm LevelDB store, used for big repositories, slower that default store

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